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Equine Body Balance Protocol (Pad System)

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Do you ever feel like your horse is in pain or uncomfortable, but you don’t know exactly what the problem is? Does your horse have attitude issues or difficult behavior while training? Do you feel frustrated with meeting dead ends while you search for solutions to these problems? Do you wish you could do more to help your horse feel their best so you can get back in the saddle? Then this new Body Balance Protocol Course is for you! Join Donna and Bryan, co-founders of Photonic Health, in this virtual course to learn more about how to assess your horse for pain, treat troubled spots, and get back to enjoying life with your equine partner. This revolutionary protocol has been designed after seeing thousands of horses and realizing owners need a simple yet effective way to treat their own animals. What you will learn in the Body Balance Protocol Course Common pain symptoms in your horse How to perform a pain assessment The importance and function of the Hyoid Bone and how to rebalance it The 20-minute Body Balance Protocol to relieve pain and rebalance your horse Stretches to increase effectiveness of the Body Balance Protocol Therapeutic horse handling Much, much more! Enroll today to start learning how you can help your horse be happier and healthier...they will thank you! Note: Protocol can NOT be done with Pain-Free Pad System alone you must have at least one hand-held device.

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BBP for Pad Systems, $99.00


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