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Hoof Health Mini-Clinic

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You might have heard the phrase "The hoof is the foundation of the whole horse," but have you taken time recently to contemplate just exactly what that means? Our horses' health quite literally starts from the ground up, but hoof health is an often overlooked area of horse care. Do you feel like you need more education in hoof health? Are you interested in how different illnesses can present in your horse's feet, or the impact different diseases can have on the integrity of the hoof? Join us for our Hoof Health Mini Clinic to learn more about how important hoof health is! You will learn from Advanced Equine Podiatrist, Bryan Owen, who has years of experience and has worked on hundreds of horses. Join us today to learn how big of a difference your horse's hoof health can make in their quality of life and performance!

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Equine Hoof Health, $49.00


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