30-Day Healthy Horse Challenge

Quickly and easily gain confidence and improve your proficiency illuminating your horse

Whether you are showing, trail riding or just playing with your horse, you want them to feel and perform their best. After all, a cranky horse is no fun to deal with.

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Healthy Horse Challenge

All Light Therapy Knowledge Levels

15-Minute Daily Videos

Weekly Q&A

Why does stuff matter...

Hidden Pain

Is your horse unhappy, out of balance, or generally uncomfortable?

Do you know what signs to look for when a horse is in pain


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Do you know that an out of balance Hyoid Bone can cause problems including lameness, difficulty picking up canter leads, or general displeasure at being ridden?


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The Problem
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Our Challenge to you
Join the 30-Day Healthy Horse Challenge

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November 15th-December 14th, 2021


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  • 15 Minutes per day

  • Light Therapy Device (At least 1 hand-held device recommended)

  • A willing horse

Price: $129


What are People Saying


Laura W.

Thank you for breaking things down as you have...it's so much easier to learn/review in bite size pieces! Putting it all together today was fun...and informative. I'm surprised by the reactions I have gotten from Scamp...his back and hips are sore spots

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Carol W.

I’ve learned so much, but probably more importantly, I’ve gotten much more comfortable assessing my horses and understanding how and when to use my lights and then of course actually using them!


Jessica H.

Thank You for offering this opportunity to learn!  I’ve had my little silver light for 10+ years and have utilized it to the best of my ability over the course of those years. This challenge is placing more arrows in my quiver to change the lives of my herd of horses.

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